DASC Detective Agency provides private detective services from July 2010. DASC has an impeccable reputation and received a number of thanks and letters of recommendation from different companies, including the government and law enforcement agencies of Russia and Ukraine, also has a lot of feedback from individual customers. During the activity DASC has formed a successful and proven team that will not let down clients, since to date completed more than 800 successful orders for clients from different countries of the world, including customers from near and far abroad, especially from Europe. Private detective agency DASC — a new level of private investigation. DASC is a leader in providing detective services in the Crimea and in Sevastopol, Simferopol, Moscow and Kharkov. Agency offers many services throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, as well as outside them. Please note that our staff will not provide services to detect cheating and spying on unfaithful spouses due to the lack of professional interest in such orders. The basis of the private detective agency is a broader concept of the collection and analysis of information. Detective Agency is the managing partner and the focal point of the group of companies and individual projects DASC Group. Specialists of DASC agencies are private detectives, composed together in partnership and are well proven in the market. We also have a number of freelance private detectives — contractors for the execution of orders in Europe. Service from DASC — is a professional detective, information retrieval, confidentiality, expertise and related services they provided only on high quality and with a personal touch. DASC Detective Agency — the market leader in private investigation to find people, information gathering and detective services for business.

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Private detective agency DASC provides various services on a confidential basis. The list of services is extensive, the main of them: searching for the person (to find relatives or missing people), searching for information for a variety of needs, test on a polygraph (lie detector), fingerprint examination, anonymous examination of DNA, various independent investigations, including corporate, informational, analytical and IT-investigations on the Internet, the disclosure of crimes, evidence gathering, competitive intelligence and other confidential assignments in Russia, in Ukraine and in Europe.


The work of each detective agency has a specific focus, which illustrates the relevance of requests for specific services. Obviously the top-end services for us are those that is most needed by our clients. Judging by the number of requests, we have decided that the most popular is DASC detective agency’s service to find people. We have to deal with a number of interesting life experiences and dramas and to take a part of the sentimental stories while conducting investigations in this direction. Our analysts, detectives and search specialists have to make noble work while carrying out actions to find people, rejoining family ties, loved ones who have lost contact with each other, searching for friends and those who have been learning at the same desk at school or university or have years of side-by-side service in the army. The range for search purposes is extremely wide, but it is important to note that the effectiveness of this service achieves high rates, thanks to established methodology and a great abilities of our detective agency. We do it, despite the fact that in some cases the initial information poor and the search has to begin with a minimum amount of incomplete data. The initial data that our customers usually provide is a sketchy personal details, such as photo, cell phone number or even an email address or an account in one of the social networks. Along with search service, our customers often demand more detailed information related to a particular individual, his actions or some kind of event. The expert services of the detective agency are also stay actual. Due to the opening of new structural units, DASC extended its functionality and has reached a new quality level in expert services, such as DNA or fingerprint analysis.

missing persons detective agency service

Missing Persons

Private detectives and professional searchers from the private detective agency DASC are ready to perform search for any person quickly, promptly and fully. We have recovered hundreds of lost connections between people during our professional activity. We search people not only in Russia, Ukraine, Crimea (Simferopol, Sevastopol), Moscow or Kharkov, but also in another locations of Europe and the World. We carry out arrangements for a personal meeting and provide direct contacts of the required person, including phone number. We can also provide address information and other official documents. We can do search for people with a minimal background information.

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background investigations detective agency

Background Investigations

Private detective agency DASC collects characterizing information about an individual (person) on the territory of Russia and Ukraine, and also provides its services to find information about people in the former Soviet Union, the CIS countries and in Europe. A request to collect personal information about somebody can be caused by various reasons. Personal information is a wide concept. It may consist of different search requirements of the client, be general or narrowly targeted. Private detectives, analytics and search specialists of DASC private detective agency will collect information about an individual on a professional basis, with respect to law of locations where gathering is held.

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data search detective agency

Data Search

Investigators of the private detective agency DASC specialize in finding and verification of all kinds of information from various sources. Professional analysts and private investigators in Russia, Ukraine and CIS carry out search, analysis, validation, verification and systematization of information, data collection and aprovement on a various issues of clients needs. We provide scrupulous collection of information about people, companies and events in Russia, Ukraine, Crimea (Simferopol, Sevastopol), Moscow, Kharkov and other locations in Europe and all around the world. Let us check information, confirm or refute it. We gather evidence.

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Detective agency can not establish the exact prices for its services, as it is almost impossible to do. The nuances of each of the situation to be resolved by DASC detective agency forces may differ from similar. Similar issues can be resolved by a variety of activities which are different in their nature and value. Services of detective agency can not be called inexpensive. Any high-quality services cost much. DASC provides only high-quality services. Therefore, if you wish to receive really professional approach — be ready to fork out. Low-cost services are provided only by non-professionals or amateur «detectives». Every self-respecting professional investigator knows his capabilities and the value of his work.

To find out the price of the desired service you are to request it by e-mail or contact form in the section «Contact Us».

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legality detective agency

We will not break the Law

Private detectives perform clients tasks only under the laws of Russia and Ukraine, as well as the laws of the countries where the work is carried out, for example, in Europe. Detective has not any right to violate the norms stipulated by laws and regulations of the states.

confidentiality detective agency

Everything remain unnamed

Client has nothing to worry about. His personal data, the fact that he has appealed to the private detective, as well as the results and other information will never under any circumstances be transmitted to third parties. The principle of bilateral mutual confidentiality is prescribed in the contract for the provisioning of services.

loyalty detective agency

Personal approach to customers

Private detectives, searchers, analytics and other specialists are showing loyalty to clients. They find individual approach to every client. Detective agency in Russia and Ukraine is building relationships with its customers taking into account all factors and nuances. Regular customers have an advantage over others.

taboo detective agency

We don’t provide such services

Private investigators are not engaged in traffic sniffing of telephone calls or mobile communications, hacking accounts, spreading spyware, «wiretapping», setting up «bugs» and other «spiders», as well as the selling of special technical equipment, physical and psychological impacting on people, etc.

coverage detective agency

Full coverage
The results are reflected in the report

All work carried out by a private investigators in Russia, Ukraine, CIS or Europe is reflected in the information report, which should include answers to all of the customers questions in accordance to the service contract. All actions of detectives are subject to mandatory report. DASC works only for the result and take up orders with a complex and interesting combinations to solve.

perfection detective agency

We keep up with the progress ahead of others

All detectives are proven experts, we don’t have occasional employees. We follow the innovations in the private detectives activity, examine and improve our theoretical and practical skills. Many of our clients say that we are the best detective agency, we are very pleased but continue constant self-improvement and acquiring of invaluable experience.

refuse detective agency

Deal may be refused
We will not take some orders and have a right to refuse

Detective agency has the full right to refuse providing some services for the client. It is only possible before we take the order but without any explanation. We don’t owe you anything before the private investigator enters into a contractual relationship with the client. Please do not ask our specialists fulfill your order if it has been denied. Each rejection occurs with permission of the Chief Executive Officer.

team detective agency

The team
All pros in one team

Community of professional investigators, experts and other professionals of DASC Group combines structural units, projects and internal partners on the basis of the principle of synergy (from the Greek synerqeila — cooperation, community). All experts checked in for the level of professionalism, sense of responsibility and moral qualities. «We weed out inappropriate human resources long ago.»

Regardless to the location of services provisioning — Russia or Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and maybe Europe (Italy, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg and other countries), our values remain the same. DASC soles responsibility for its subcontractors.



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The best private investigators from DASC have testimonials from customers from various countries of the world! Our employees in Russia and Ukraine, subcontractors and partners from the CIS and Europe provide only high-quality and high-level service of private investigators. Detective agency can serve individuals (citizens of different states) and legal entities (companies, various forms of ownership, private and public, including municipal), registered in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and other countries of the World. Some of our customers say that DASC is the best detective agency. Even taking into account the principle of confidentiality, which is a basic and standard form prescribed in the contract for the detective services, yet many of our clients have left their feedback about DASC activities.

Planning, realization and documentation were conducted in a very professional way. We will use them again. Thomas Kastner

Chief Executive Officer, Capricorn Consult Germany

We would highly recommend working with DASC detective agency to anyone seeking effective resolution to the issues. Ann Green

Vice President of Operations, International Technology Group USA

Detective agency DASC conducted an investigation within the Russian territory, the results of which held a great value to our company… we extend our gratitude. Walter Kuoni

Director, kuoni architects Kenya