how to place an order detective agency private investigators

How to place an order for detective service in our agency? It’s quite simple. To order the services of a private detective in Russia, Ukraine or CIS you should call or write to the detective agency DASC. Contact information (e-mail address, phone number and feedback form) are available at the relevant section of an official website. When you appeal, please provide all initial information that you possess. Set primary goals and objectives for a detective agency. Private detectives will study and analyze your appeal, develop an implementation plan, provide free consultation. Than we will calculate the cost of detective services, determine the conditions, milestones and deadlines. Please note that DASC can refuse to fulfill your order without giving any reasons. After your agree on the budget of detective service and cooperation conditions, you are expected to make a payment to the bank account that you will get from a DASC sales manager. Minimal initial payment is 50 percents of the overall budget. We will perform your tasks strictly in the agreed terms or earlier, achieving the objectives of our mission in the most effective way. All information gathered during the process will be transferred to you in the form of a detailed information report, which contains all the answers you needed from DASC detective agency. After your task is complete, you will need to sign certificate of completion and finish all payments agreed earlier.

  • We don’t require initial payment to study case materials (consultations and analysis of initial data are free). Sometimes private detective solve his task while studying simple cases;
  • We support phased payment (Steps to accomplish the task are clearly fixed by the price. Payment for subsequent stages occurs after the completion of the previous);
  • We work only on the result (we don’t just earn money but try to help);
  • Obligatory reporting (interim and final);
  • Permanent informing (all changes and urgent information are shipped to the Client immediately after being received);
  • Quality assurance (all services of private detectives are provided at the appropriate level and with the highest quality).

DASC have fully defined its position in the market and sometimes is guided not only by the cost (price) or the budget of an order, but by interest in an order and combination of its performance as well. All orders are carried out within the legal framework, without violating the legislation of Russia and Ukraine or the state in which the activities are carried out. Many detective services of DASC are provided at the entire territory of Russia and Ukraine remotely or through proven subcontractors. Some of the services of private detectives are only available in the settlements of the Republic of Crimea, Moscow or Kharkov, since such services isn’t possible to provide in remote.