dasc detective agency business services


DASC detective agency offers a wide range of professional services for business structures all over the world. We have successful stories with happy clients from North America, Europe, Middle East and other geographical locations. Due to our experience we may proudly say – we can solve any business problem on the territory of Russia, Ukraine or other CIS members. Facing certain problems with an outsourcing firm? Need to monitor the life of your exported product? Are going to invest in a new project? Order service from DASC detective agency and all of your operations will be precisely secured by high-end specialists.

Small and medium businesses, as well as enterprises are nowadays closely connected with services which are provided in the market of private investigations by detectives of DASC detective agency. Cooperation of business structures with detective agencies is caused and dictated by needs for certain actions which don’t belong to duties of state bodies, and also demands high level of confidentiality. Many situations which are suitable for business differ from a general flow of security questions. A narrow orientation and private situations created stable demand for services of private investigators for legal entities, regardless of a type of their activities and amounts of revenues. Each Customer will be able to gather advantage of a cooperation with detectives which will bring the contribution in permission of various questions which are components of a main goal of conducting business activity – profit earnings.
Detective agency and business. Common ground
If You are an executive officer or founder of a business, then you need to explore business services of DASC detective agency. DASC detective agency and joint partners offers services in Russia, Ukraine or CIS to you and your Company:

  • Anti-counterfeiting;
  • Competitive intelligence;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Mystery Shopper;
  • Other business services.

Format and kinds of services
Versatility of business management processes, necessary aspects of marketing, contract work, interaction of subjects in collective and requirements of an executive officers leads to a number of opportunities for participation of private investigators in “life” of legal entities, business and financial structures. At the same time you can include in obligations of detectives of DASC traditional work on independent investigations and also cyber investigations, data analytics. In addition, detectives are competent to take part in collection of useful information in the interesting trend of business which can promote increase in production, improvement of quality of goods, fair competition in the market and identification of violations in the form of a counterfeit and other aspects from competitors. Along with data services we have extremely developed our expert services. Thanks to them, services in a format of human resources department are provided and efficiency of investigations in the field of criminalistics increases. Confidential orders which can be necessary for implementations of the entrepreneurial purposes and business plans. At the same time a number of services of private investigators are not connected directly with financial flows and are directed to support the acceptance of control solutions and exception of probable material losses or unjustified costs.
The client’s purposes – our purposes
DASC detective agency have already helped many Companies:

  • To solve the internal problems which are taking place;
  • To get new Clients, to open new ways of development of the Company;
  • To be informed on a situation in the market or a market segment;
  • To make the correct management decisions which will bring benefit;
  • To be calm about staff and the Company;
  • To save a trade secret and confidential information;
  • To automate business processes by implementation of projects;
  • To avoid detrimental consequences, to be saved from mistakes in activities, to manage entrepreneurial risks.

Search and provision of necessary data for your business
Data search – is an urgent service for all categories of clients and representatives of business aren’t an exception. Specifics in work of DASC detectives can consist of search of actual information about competitors and partners, collection of data on the interesting objects. Informational scope which is demanded by business structures is so wide that an objects of research can be separate goods, results of work of collectives and designers, individuals, details of financial agreements, aspects of technological nature and the sphere of private questions. The format of data, their degree of prescription, as well as a vector of actions of agents is specified by the Customer. In some cases it is enough to provide common analytic review to satisfy the initiator’s requests, and sometimes it is necessary to combine abilities to analyze and to hold practical operational events, to find and open new circumstances which are necessary for achievement of the object set by the Client.
“Each business needs its detective…”
Detectives from DASC detective agency have an opportunity to offer only high-quality detective services for business. We offer business solutions and will approach to your problem individually according to the approved actions plan. At each entity there are situations which require the solution, it can be already existing internal problem for example caused by serious theft of goods, plunder. And there can be a need for check and receipt of information which is fundamental, for the purpose of risk minimization, for example, employment screening, or check of the partner (due diligence). And also services for decision making directed to increase profit of the Company for example, competitive intelligence. In difference from other private detective agencies, DASC at first studies and understands a problem, and then begins to work. In the field of servicing the legal entities on collection of the necessary information DASC detective agency is the Leader in Russia, Ukraine and CIS. Therefore we dare to propose many solutions in:

  • Private investigations and data collection;
  • Security in the company;
  • Human resources checks;
  • Information analytics;
  • Marketing;
  • Cyber-technologies;
  • Financial analysis;
  • Other spheres.

Private corporate investigations
Traditional investigations in a format of private service plays an important role as thanks to them it is possible to look in a new way at circumstances and conclusions drawn as a result of similar actions by government institutions, to challenge their results and to find keys to the truth. Private investigations from detectives of DASC can be made in parallel with state structures or on completion of a clerical work in bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In certain cases initiation of works doesn’t imply the appeal to Police that in principle doesn’t change the strategy of works of detectives and their purpose. Anyway all actions are focused on determination of chronology, participation of particular persons in certain facts. Search of the truth at the same time is inevitably connected with forming of evidential base which will be able to make the soil for legitimization of data in relevant organs subsequently. Independent corporate investigations are often met in practice of private investigators. You have a possibility of holding detective actions for the internal and external purposes of Corporation. DASC detective agency has skills and experience in conducting internal corporate investigations. Corporate investigations is a special type of the independent investigations conducted by private detectives. Difference from other independent investigations is that internal investigations are made for the benefit of the Company, and a customers of such investigations are heads or owners of the Companies.
Tasks of corporate investigations
We can distinguish next tasks of corporate investigations: investigations of the facts of plunders of goods and money at the entities with use of luminescent substances, chemical traps, disclosure of schemes of systematic thefts and identification of involved persons, investigation of fraudulent and corruption actions of staff of the companies, internal investigations of accidents at the entity, investigation and check of suspicious insurance fraud, investigation of the facts of the commercial information leaks, investigation of the facts of an unfair competition, investigation of other events, recovery of chronological chain and the consequences, and also reproduction of these events. As a result of internal corporate investigations DASC detective agency provides detailed report, systematizes collected materials and transfers it to the Client. In cases of detection of criminal “schemes” at the entity, for example thefts and plunders, private detectives recommends to address to the state law enforcement agencies for further joint documentation of these criminal encroachments.
Information and analytical specifics.
The essence of work of private investigators consists in search of data in the direction specified by the client, elimination of the interesting information and the subsequent analysis of data. The purposes of monitoring missions and research are in the plane of identification of tendencies and demonstration of growth or recession of strategic indicators, research of own opportunities in specifically developed conditions for the purpose of development and self-improvement of structure and the production technology, search of new suppliers, clients and markets.
Private detectives on guard of a healthy competition.
Competitive struggle is the business development engine, regularly pushing market conditions to emergence of new goods, development of technologies, finding solutions for decrease in cost value, etc. To maintain daily severe conditions of the competition you need the maximum concentration of efforts including the receipt of up-to-date information about a market situation, availability of the competing goods, their quality, actions of competitors and partners. Competitive struggle is a modern condition of commercial growth. Especially for the Companies relating to medium and large business which continuously fight for line items in the market, advancing the services and goods by various methods. Involvement of new Clients and increase in financial turnovers is the goal of such fight. Healthy competition in the market – the key to success of Company which constantly moves forward. As an optimum method to help Company which wants to be “ahead of others”, we can offer holding prospecting actions, studying of results and adoption of the acquired information note. Sometimes received data can play a huge role to be forward of others and to manage occupation of honourable niches on regional, national, international markets. Some of our Clients after competent use of materials of business investigations received huge excess profits in the shortest possible time, taking away the client “under a nose” of the competitor. Business intelligence agents together with analysts of DASC will carry out high-quality competitive investigations, and you will feel result in the nearest future.
Some aspects of competitive intelligence
Independent assessment of competitive struggle will allow to draw real conclusions on a situation of the company. The purposes pursued by competitive intelligence imply a research of goods of the market for the purpose of increase in technological effectiveness of own lines, creation of prerequisites and conditions for further development of the company. Costs for accessories and ingredients for production stages are constituting cost values. The duties of detectives is to carry out monitoring assessment of actions of competitors and to find the most profitable option of purchase of the components, necessary for production. Efficiency of use of competitive intelligence will allow you to search for profitable options among buyers and suppliers, to establish new connections and to master the markets, essentially new from the point of view of scales, to pass to export deliveries. At the same time activities of private investigators of DASC can not be limited to questions of private nature and have a focus on provision of data necessary to accept correct and strategically important decision for the company, reduce probability of financial losses, percent of illiquid transactions, material loss.
Assessment of qualitative indexes
Emergence in the market of more popular and affordable goods inevitably leads to decline in demand for the similar competing products. Such course of events can’t but disturb the manufacturer who can use services of detectives of DASC agency. Private investigators can offer you own version of the problem resolution in the form of investigation with intermediate test purchase of goods from the interesting group of manufacturers. Purchase under the guise of mystery shopper can assume fixing of the facts on a photo and video materials. Collected data can represent the evidential base necessary for initiation of legal proceedings and productions which will be capable to resolve the existing problem within the legal framework. At the same time purchased goods are exposed to a full-fledged research of quality and quantity characteristics. Expert evaluation is based on the analysis of structure and quality of separate components. As a result goods can be positioned as a counterfeit with the designated low-quality signs. In case such products conform to requirements of regulations and standards, and the competitor regularly observes limits of the law, received data will serve for studying of the applied technologies and receipt of an opportunity for upgrade of own production lines.
P.S. Competitive intelligence or business investigation doesn’t consist only in the described methods, and can vary within the legal framework and is directed to receipts of any information which can be got legally, without violating the Law of the state in which business intelligence agents act.