Competitive intelligence (business intelligence, marketing intelligence in Russia, Ukraine or CIS) is a set of activities and services for business by private detective agency DASC. Service is focused at obtaining information about competitors and the market situation for management decisions. Main goal is to improve the competitiveness of the company and increase its profits by developing and implementing a special strategy enabling the further development of the Company. It is possible to collect and analyze the extensive information and data that can dramatically change the business processes and improve them by bringing a favorable and a powerful “engine” for improvements of the position at the market competition, when conducting competitive intelligence.

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Plan for Competitive Intelligence
Before carrying out the competitive intelligence we compile plan that is to be agreed with the Client. Business intelligence is a multi-stage and multi-level process of collecting and analyzing data through analytical and practical activities. Step by step, private detective agency reports on its work according to the results. At the request of the Customer, we can offer drawing up a report on the activities of competitive intelligence with a certain information content, convenient for further work in a visual form of the data bank or registry.
Tasks for business intelligence.
Competitive intelligence conducted by experienced private investigators, analysts and search engineers. The most common tasks of competitive intelligence are:

  • Search for suppliers, customers, members of export-import transactions;
  • Search products of interest;
  • An analysis of the pricing policy of competitors, or entire market segments;
  • Expansion of product market;
  • Verification activities for the conclusion of individual transactions, in order to study and minimize the business risks in the implementation of new projects;

Competitive intelligence is a complex of measures for business, collection of the legal entity information (company check, Due Diligence, DDG, DueD, due diligence), collection of market information, market analysis FEA, gathering information about the product, search affiliates and other services of the private detective agency DASC.
Gathering information about the market as a kind of competitive intelligence.
Gathering market data according to different criteria (market research) as a solution for companies oriented to the entrance to the national market of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, or the search and definition of suppliers or customers are strategically feasible solution results, which may affect the adoption of the right strategic decisions. According to the Customer’s criteria detective agency carry out the selection of companies and their positions in a particular market segment.
Market Intelligence Report.
Analysts and search engineers of DASC private detective agency will conduct the selection and systematization of information on segments of the market (market data) taking into account the criterion of the Customer. The conditions of selection may be different, whether it is on the companies by type of activity, according to the territorial location, by type of industry, the size of the fund, the number of released products or participation in foreign trade, for issuers presence (of securities), by the presence of foreign capital, etc. There may be a variety of information in the form of market selection report, whether it is generally recognized accounting and registry information or direct contact information, both the company and officials, founders, shareholders, members of the board. Experienced financial analysts may compose a report in the form of the SWOT-analysis (identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of market segment). Also we can provide different diagrams, graphs and other infographics to quickly understand the dynamics of the progress or regress of market participants or the entire segment. The report can be prepared in a form suitable for further work, as data bank or registry.
Marketing analysis.
In addition to the main selection and ordering on the basis of Customer’s criteria, private detective agency DASC offers, as a supplement, to conduct market research. We can give You the opportunity to get ideas about product markets, market research and segmental situation in the industry, to establish a competitive advantage over other businesses, reduce financial and commercial risks of commercial activity, to obtain means of making the right management decisions. Marketing research is accompanied by an effective adaptation of production, product sales or brokering in relation to market conditions.
FEA analysis of the markets or external business intelligence.
FEA (foreign economic administration, foreign trade activities, foreign trade view) is entrepreneurship in the field of international exchange of goods, based either on the export or import of goods purchased or sold. Number of enterprises in Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS countries which are focused on the global market is constantly growing. On the other hand, foreign companies are entering the market of Russia, Ukraine and CIS every year. In this connection global competition of exports and imports exists, the total amount of export-import transactions grows. Number of SKUs (stock keeping units) and the nomenclature of goods are growing too. Private detective agency DASC offers a service of FEA analysis of the markets – as a solution for marketers and companies, export- or import-oriented, as well as analysts who study various criteria of World foreign economic trade.
Questions for foreign intelligence and business markets.
This service allows you to solve a wide range of issues as a result of tasks solving and the analysis of foreign trade markets, both in general and on specific criteria.

  • International due diligence (DDG, DueD) which allows to form a picture of the companies engaged in foreign economic activity, their time spent in the market, the volume of delivered products, etc.;
  • Search for international suppliers and international markets, the guarantors of transactions, branches and export routes, and imports of goods;
  • The number and frequency of shipped import and export products, the volume of deliveries and pricing policies;
  • Monitoring the development of market segments and determining the range of competitors, analysis, comparison and dynamics of development;
  • Obtaining direct contacts between participants of foreign trade (both domestic companies-exporters and foreign companies-importers of their products);
  • Opportunities analysis.

Analysts and searchers of private detective agency DASC have the ability to answer the questions mentioned above with current information, as well as with archived data of the export-import transactions of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, which allows you to:

  • Smooth monthly, quarterly or year analysis of the Company or market segment;
  • Track dynamic development of the Company or market segment (rises, reducing, suspending in FEA);
  • Install the time spent on the Company’s foreign trade market, the activities of its suppliers and customers;

In addition, the private detective agency DASC analyzes the markets according to the following criteria related to the type of foreign trade, such as the international division of labor, industrial cooperation, the international investment cooperation, foreign exchange and financial or credit operations. We consider any problems related to the collection and analysis of information about the company, market segments, different data and criteria. At the request of the Customer we can offer of the statement with a certain information content, convenient for further work in a form of the data bank or registry.
Gathering information about the production.
Gathering information about the products is the service of private detective agency DASC for business structures, allowing to solve the question of the establishment of the information about the product, such as a manufacturer, supplier, regional distributor, importer, trademark owner, actual distribution of seats. Gathering information about the product is a type of competitive intelligence that allows you to set the information that is necessary for further work with the desired product in order to avoid the mediation factor.
Goals for data collection about goods.
For the service of detective agency related to the collection of information about the product, Customer can set the following objectives:

  • Set manufacturer, both domestic and foreign;
  • Set the owner of the trademark, brand, located on the product sample;
  • Set market segment, engaged in the production, import and export sales, the sale of the goods of interest;
  • Get information on the composition of products, processes and decipher the article and the barcode of the product;
  • The SWOT-analysis (identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) for a particular product or products of a certain type or class;
  • To solve other issues related to the movement of products on the market;

Search by product type.
The most demanded kind of gathering information about the products in Russia, Ukraine or CIS – is a search by product type. You tell us the type and we search for manufacturers, suppliers, intermediaries, buyers and estimate the amounts of such transactions. For example (shoes, spices, dishes, etc.).
Search by brand, mark.
Another popular way of data collection about the products is to search by brand, trademark or exact name. This allows the private detective agency DASC immediately find enterprise responsible for the production and marketing of products by examining the image or name of a product sample, collect extensive information about it. Private detectives can find and identify not only the products but also the logos of companies, associations, organizations, etc. apart from the products. Through partnerships private investigators make a request to the International Trade Organization, which has accurate information about the world’s trade marks and brands. Private detectives identifies national brands thanks to their skills, using registers of chambers of commerce, patent offices and other exploratory activities.
Search on market position.
Another criterion for the collection of information about the product is to determine its position in the markets of foreign economic trade activity, allowing to establish a list of exporters and importers of the product. At the request of the Customer we can offer the report with a certain information content, convenient for further work and in a form of the data bank or registry.