dasc detective agency screening services


There are a lot of situations in life, when you need to “screen” somebody. It becomes actual when you are about to engage in a new relationships with someone. It does not matter what kind of relationships you are about to enter, business or personal. We are living only one time, and could not afford sparing our life on negative persons or cheaters. On the other hand, it is always useful to know new person better, especially in business. What we can screen? Everything. Background of a person, authenticity of documents, currrent state of body and mind, even intensions.

Employment screening

Testing of applicants regarding professional suitability can be made by means of practical actions which raise the question of check of authenticity of documents and clarification of all necessary aspects using the psychophysiological test. Specifics of use of the lie detector allow to achieve phenomenal results at elimination of applicants for employment in the companies or for a role of house personnel. Subscriber services of DASC allow to make regular check of personnel, thereby supporting the due level of discipline and working capacity of collective, selecting new qualified personnel.

Maintaining card file

In modern interpretation lawyers, specialists and experts of DASC detective agency will be able to provide services of human resources department. Electronic databases in the form of a card file of human resources department will be useful at the organization of further work. In addition, experts will provide a modern format of services in creation of the latest fingerprints file in which data on fingerprints and palms of employees according to the World standards are stored.

New level of human resources policy

Business management of the company often does not allow to focus own attention on optimization of human resources data and transfer of card files in more perfective, digital form. Possibilities of dactyloscopic examinations created the potential for drawing up the workers demanded in Europe and America special fingerprint file for a long time. Availability of prints of fingers and palms of each employee nowadays is required only at works with the increased danger where data can be used for search and identification. In other cases the electronic base from DASC detective agency is an option for convenient use of available information about each of employees, and a possibility of use of prints for their checking at investigation of plunders and thefts. As a rule, the fact of availability of dactyloscopic cards introduces amendments in a line of conduct of employees and is the additional stabilizing factor for internal labor discipline. Human resources safety also assumes employee accounting, in the form of professional forming of personal records. Private detectives of DASC and specialists in the field of human resources safety will create personal records of employees and systematize all necessary documents for accounting of employees:

  • Necessary documents between the employer and the worker (labor agreements, contracts, non-disclosure agreement, etc.);
  • Address references on the employee and his relatives, test the official report from addresses (establishment of closely related communications);
  • Characteristics from the residence, the place of study;
  • Check on different accounting, including as the disqualified persons;
  • Contact numbers of relatives;
  • Documents on a state of health (certificates);
  • Helps about a criminal record (availability or absence);
  • Helps on property and motor transport;
  • Results of a polygraph tests when screening employee;
  • Fingerprints of the employee;
  • Other data depending on specifics of the worker.

DASC detective agency will collect all necessary employment documents for the Company, create personal records of employees, and also will perform accounting of human resources on the basis of outsourcing. We can store all personal records of working staff at itself, keep their account and fill with additional data. Besides, we can use special software for accounting of human resources which is specially developed for your company – HRM.

Screening innovations

Success of financial and business activity in many aspects depends on qualification of the picked-up employees, competence of staff. Questions of staff recruitment traditionally belong to jurisdiction of a human resource department, however not each company has the due potential for its contents. Private investigators, analysts and experts of DASC detective agency are ready to undertake separate functions of this division and to perform actual functions in the repeated and short-term mode. At the same time specialists in private investigations already have a wealth of experience on selection of applicants on vacant positions, using the worldwide practice of screening tests and checks. Verification of data of the worker is performed by means of practical and analytical actions, by means of verification of provided information, establishment and ascertaining of the facts according to documents. Along with it screening means the psychophysiological test which is carried out with the consent of the examinee. Checks on the lie detector open a number of circumstances, appealing the facts of an expert origin which are admitted even in judicial instances. Experience and possibilities of polygraphologists allow to open entity of problems of the person, to learn about its addictions, to exclude probability of acceptance of potential wreckers, liars and the persons sent by competitors.

Employment screening with a polygraph (lie detector).

Tests of employees on a polygraph (lie detector) can be applied:

  • For check at employment of new person for vacancies;
  • As scheduled and not scheduled inspections of employees for the purpose of prevention;
  • As the tool of obtaining information and recovery of a picture of an event at corporate investigations.

Employment screening will help to reveal:

  • True purposes of employment, the relation to the living in poverty;
  • Availability of communications with competitors, “double-dealing”, participation in industrial espionage;
  • State of health (chronic diseases, mental diseases, alcoholism, drug addiction, game addiction);
  • Availability of family problems;
  • Availability of financial problems (credits, debts);
  • Actual reasons of dismissal from last work locations;
  • Employment screening will help to minimize the risks in business connected with a human factor.

Scheduled and not scheduled inspections of employees on the lie detector resolve the same questions, as employment screening. We recommend to carry out scheduled inspections of staff on a polygraph at least once a year. Internal corporate investigations by means of a polygraph, has one main objective – to define participation or innosence related to a certain incident, and also check of honesty of the employee and check of arguments. Corporate investigations of the facts of thefts, plunders of property, frauds, industrial espionage, double-dealing and other crimes. Such checks on a polygraph will help to define the perpetrator (group of persons) among all suspected employees in commission of incident or participation (direct or indirect).

Check of authenticity of all document types

The sphere of business is closely connected with document creation, acceptance of data in the form of separately taken licenses, certificates, agreements, helps, notifications, etc. Services of screening character of DASC detective agency allow to check for authenticity all document types, whether it be passports and VAT numbers, forms, bonds, diplomas, visas or other samples of documents. At the same time does not play at all a role what country, when and by whom the interesting original issued. All guarding papers can be confirmed or convicted of counterfeit which can develop into the considerable costs and losses connected with activity of swindlers. In addition, companies which did not notice the fact of availability of the original document in time threaten themselves the state sanctions, allowing clients to doubt the level of own reputation. Authenticity check at the same time means carrying out the practical actions including contact with the organizations issuing this or that document, verification of registers of the data according to documents which lost the force in view of cancellation or loss. At the same time there is also expert evaluation allowing to reveal partial counterfeits with the changed data and photos, seals and signatures. The format of complete counterfeit consists of false forms and doubtful data. As a result of verification of documents the expert opinion capturing the essence of techniques and outputs of specialists is provided.

Check of domestic workers

DASC detective agency provides services to check domestic workers on reliability. Giving the admission to the family for employees, you put at risk not only property and housing, but also health, life of the children, grandsons, parents and relatives. The error at the choice of the domestic worker can cost very much. Private detectives professionally suggest to study the identity of the candidate for a position of the governess or the nurse before trusting and letting in the house and a family.
An inspection of domestic workers is carried out by the following criteria:

  • Studying of the questionnaire of the candidate for reliability of the provided information about the personality;
  • Obtaining information concerning the candidate on questions: criminal record, criminal and administrative responsibility;
  • Obtaining information, characteristics from last work locations, the residence, and the last places of residence;
  • Interview with the psychologist, the specialist in the field of psychophysiognomics;

Also private detective agency DASC carries out recurring inspections on decency and workmanship of duties by domestic workers. We can organize video surveillance behind quality of the performed work and behavior in working hours.

Verification of the data confirming the personality

Quite often in life situations in which availability of additional information about the identity of the person interesting us is required who can cause suspicions meet, acting not only as the applicant for a role of the groom or the bride. Cohabitation generates itself a huge chain of questions of property character. Purchases of real estate and motor transport, sale of own housing, permission of difficulties in relationship with private sellers demands confirmation of the identity of the person under the guise of which the swindler or, at least, the ill-wisher can disappear. DASC detective agency will be able to make sure of the identity of any person and to reveal truth of its data on themselves. In many questions of check will help to avoid difficulties with return of means or the section of property for which the third parties can apply. Confirmation of the personality as service, can become a necessary stage by search of domestic workers for your house, check of new acquaintances and friends, partners and even darlings. Thanks to debugged techniques private investigators will be able to perform verification of documents, and also to check existence of the person at the level of its related communications, the facts from the previous life: during study or work, accommodation in other place, etc. Verification of data can concern directly events which can act in the form of request at the initiative of the Client.

Authenticity or counterfeit? Check of all document types

Defects registrations as actually and such memorable moments as the birth of children are always followed by issue of the relevant documents registering creation of a family and birth of the person. All our life is literally covered with the facts and confirmations among which as obligatory arguments passports and diplomas, certificates and many other documents shown during life in different instances act. Unfortunately, society integrates in itself not only fair people, there is a lot of those who disappear from justice, use artificial documents for extraction of the personal income and fleeting benefit. These aspects dictating need of availability of vigilance in the relations with subjects where it is necessary to face a possibility of application of counterfeits. Private investigators of DASC detective agency will help to distinguish any document format, the world issued in any country from the counterfeit copy. For this purpose private investigators use practical actions in the form of verifications of registers of the lost forms recognized invalid documents, visits and requests for confirmation of issue in the interesting organizations. Along with it the expert opportunities of DASC agency allowing to investigate samples of forms, to confirm their authenticity, to reveal corrections and counterfeits of prints, stamps, signatures, a cliche, corrections in filling and the mistakes made both purposely are successfully used and it is accidental. As a result of check of authenticity of any document complete and partial counterfeits come to light, the expert official conclusion is provided.

Lie detector on guards of family problems

Active use of psychophysiological tests and their results in sector of criminal interests, recognition them in judicial instances, allows to apply practice of the use of the polygraph in any question at permission of family problems. The speech can go about investigations and check of house personnel, receiving data concerning matters of argument and research of truth in general on the interesting aspects. The non-contact method of determination of truthfulness of indications differs in the minimum cost intensity in the field of time and means at the level of maximum efficiency which is reached due to competent approach of experts of polygraph from DASC detective agency. Practical application of a polygraph is the only option for a fast solution of all vital issues, including search of truth in a question of marital infidelity.