Looking for a private investigator or a detective agency? DASC is known as one of the leaders of the private investigators market in Russia (Simferopol, Crimea, Sevastopol, Moscow), Ukraine (Kharkov) and CIS. DASC has been providing detective services since 2010. During our activity we gain an impeccable reputation, experienced and certified staff, hundreds of successfully completed orders, letters of appreciation, and customer reviews. Our locations: Simferopol, Kharkov, Moscow.


Managing Partner of DASC Group — DASC Detective Agency is a private detective company and has locations and managing detective agency private investigatorsrepresentation in Simferopol (Republic of Crimea), Moscow, Kharkov. Accordingly it renders services of private detectives and other specialists in Russia and in Ukraine, also some services are provided outside of these countries (CIS and Europe). It should be noted that private investigators from the detective agency have been able to positively establish themselves as a professionals of investigations, collection and retrieval of information, provisioning of expert and confidential services since 2010. Supporting flawless reputation of the detective agency is an important work and the moral aspect for all employees. Combination of good reputation and professional approach is the key to successful implementation of the DASC private agency clients orders.



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The motto of the detective agency

Marcus Tullius Cicero: «Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature»

Marcus Tullius Cicero: «Omnis ars explolare veritatem»

We investigate nature 365/24/7


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When DASC is providing private detective services, it has its requirements to the orders which is taken as well. Not all orders of Customer DASC is ready to perform. Process of taking an order is treated individually and guided by a different criteria: professional interest in the implementation, profit from order, prospects and other risks.
Russian and Ukrainian private detectives from DASC agency provide next services:

  • Services of information and search areas consisting analytic manipulations in search and verification of different kinds of information;
  • Services for businesses and corporations — competitive intelligence, due diligence, risk management, personnel security, search for the shareholders and affiliated persons, etc.;
  • Cyber and Internet security services, information security and investigation of the facts and events in the global or local network;
  • Services involving specialists who are experts in a particular field (forensics, fingerprinting, polygraph (lie detector), the examination of DNA paternity and relationship);
  • Various confidential services (implementation of legal instructions of the Client).

A general list of services of detective agency in Russia, Crimea (Simferopol), Moscow, Ukraine (Kharkov) can be found in the relevant section. To find out the price and the cost of private investigation services — call DASC by phone or inquire by e-mail, including a contact through the feedback form in the Contact Us section.


Detective Agency has a status of the Company. The company is registered as a business entity. DASC Detective Agency works officially and is a taxpayer on a general basis, according to the norms of Russian and Ukrainian tax codes. It has all the registration documents, the charter of the enterprise, a bank account, company stamp and a registered logo. DASC ready to provide services on the grounds of oral agreement or written contract. Private detective agency Kharkov, Simferopol, Moscow DASC considers different forms of payments, but mainly works with non-cash form, under the contract. You can preview the registration documents and the details of the Company at the guest section of the corporate portal DASC Group after receiving the guest password. Password should be provided to the client of a detective agency or a potential business customer at the discretion of DASC detective in charge of the work on your order.