dasc detective agency security services


Private and business security includes a set of concepts, regulations and systems. It means assets investigations, cellular data recovery (other devices security also), cyber security, defence from public bodies or state organizations, analytical work for the benefit of security and, eventually, technical and physical protection. It is not the complete list of the areas of work in security of a business or private concern. Each company or person selects the priorities of development of the above-stated directions of security. Naturally, the assessment of threats is constantly adjusted on business and life process.

Services of security investigation inside the company

Enterprises occasionally need services of professional private investigators in the Company. Such services do not go beyond the Company, in fact security officers of DASC detective agency assumes functions of a security department of the enterprise. The “pocket police” from DASC detective agency offers the internal services capable to resolve security problems of the Company. They can concern any events in the enterprise, employment questions, internal accounting, etc. Private investigators from DASC detective agency are ready to offer complete solutions (and developed special) for your Company for effective achievement of objectives. Consulting of security and active actions:

  • Internal investigations;
  • Check and accounting of employees;
  • Cyber security;
  • Outsourcing and subscriber services.

Security of information

Nature of the majority of agreements, business management, productions of goods in the field of technologies and purchases of these or those components represents a confidential data, critical to disclosure. Their universal availability serve as the reason of emergence of noticeable financial losses, decrease in profit level and goods competitiveness in the market. Availability of critical data means actuality of data scope security and protection against intervention. Regarding this private investigators and specialists of DASC detective agency implement a number of services deprived to search for devices of secret obtaining of data. Electronic “bugs” nowadays can be placed imperceptibly in any rooms and insides of vehicles. With the corresponding equipment specialists of DASC detective agency and security company will run the effective search as a result of which all of such devices will be identified and removed. Protection of a voice communications (negotiations on lines of mobile operators and a city network) is performed by providing alternative variations, as private branch exchanges rented in the countries of CIS and beyond, creating multiuser multichats with use of encrypted channels. Measures for safety of digital information allow to secure servers and separate carriers, automated workplaces from penetration, providing users multi-layer system of access to critical data on different levels, demanded at business process.

Data collection from the Internet (your Cyber investigator)

Crimes are often committed with use of opportunities of the Internet by so-called “cyber-criminals”. Within financial crimes we can work on search and identification of the new facts and circumstances, identification of specific persons of offenders for their capture. Specialists of information technologies which in power to analyze circumstances of swindles and schemes of fraud, will study details and take specific measures of investigation are available as a staff of DASC detecive agency and security company. Cyber format of investigations can be provided by the combined actions and be of interest to any legal entities, regardless of the size of the companies and their share, goods in the market, pattern of ownership and a method of earnings. Activity of “cyber-criminals” is so broad that any structures which have defects in the organization of the proper security level can get to the sphere of their interests.

Assets investigations

Need of search of persons which have influence on management of the companies can be dictated by different circumstances. However the matter can be actual also on a permanent basis. Private investigators from DASC detective agency will be able to find for the Clients owners of events and other securities in any volumes for the purpose of the organization of the redemption of assets for the good of the companies and the organizations of initiators.

Cyber security

Privacy of the critical information and lack of leaks are the fundamental principles of successful business. The specialist of DASC agency will run for search of devices of a secret information retrieval in the form of “bugs” on a regular basis and will provide permanent protection of local area networks, its certain participants and even carriers.

Service of a video surveillance systems

Installation of modern systems of video surveillance demands availability of a certain level of knowledge in the field of electronics. And therefore the question of further service of systems of external supervision which demands seasonal surveys and work in the field of prevention of operation remains open. Installation of systems of internal supervision in offices will demand upcoming technical maintenance over time also. In any of these questions services are implemented by specialists of DASC detective agency and security company on a permanent basis.

Personal space and its borders

Each person has the right to personal space which consists in freedom of movement and confidentiality of personal records. Violation of its borders in the field of information can become the reason of leakage of personal information, be the cause for financial losses in view of its criticality or desire of swindlers to resort to blackmail. And insides of vehicles will be checked by forces of detective stories DASC of the room regarding availability of the special devices intended for a secret information retrieval. Telephone lines which at desire can be replaced with safe alternative communication are similarly checked.

Solution of questions of personal security. Identification of telephone numbers

Activity in the field of private investigations is often identified with work in the field of ensuring personal security. Private investigators from DASC detective agency and security company will be able to give help in those situations when security risk of life and to health of any of family members appears. Among topical issues the threats arriving by phone or any other channel, attempts to cause damage to health of the person, etc. can act. As counter-measures specialists of private investigations make operational actions for suppression of attempts, search of the reasons and faces involved in crimes. Acting in fact, as the guarantor of security of a family, the detective develops security measures, evaluates their effectiveness, efficiency and sufficiency, runs for search of solutions of problems of the Client. Quite often, to resolve a situation and to get access to the new facts it is necessary to identify telephone numbers. Importunate admirers, collectors, ill-wishers and even criminals can be their owners.