DASC detective agency provides services of cyber security for individuals and business together with partners and subcontractors. Specialists of cyber protection of information flows work in the DASC Group company. All specialists have the admission to work on safety of information and data protection and the license for carrying out such works as information protection of audio, video and photo materials, safety of telephone, electronic correspondence, personal and commercial confidential protection, information on local and a web resources. Cyber security as a service, in the form of prevention of the facts of hacking accounting records with correspondence (letters) in the Internet. What is cyber security or safety of information technology systems? Cyber security is the set of actions.

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Cyber security, check of rooms

Cyber security is the set of actions directed on prevention of the facts of removal of information, its copying and foreign access to it (not legal use of information).

Types of cyber security

  • Information protection which removal is performed by secret removal in household or commercial purposes from rooms and motor transport;
  • Information protection from communication links;
  • Protection in the field of information technologies.

At delimitation of management in order to avoid information leakage it is necessary to make collecting of data which can provide the classified information or a trade secret. Also such criteria and nuances as the staff list and the plan an arrangement of computing equipment are taken into account. Holding the complete list of the automated workplaces, specialists of DASC will take all measures for control of information flows, installation of systems of differentiation and access restriction (loker) and application of general strategy of cyber security on the corporate level.

Check of placements on availability of means of a secret information retrieval

There are situations in life at which it is impossible to trust anybody even if the family is foes. Relatives, friends, the former spouses or partners in business intend to make badly to the companion, breaking all legal borders of human regulations, occasionally resorting to “disgusting” methods, in particular about application of audio of the listening devices (wiretap) and to secret video to supervision. Also in business, especially in large, permanent and cruel fight for the competition is conducted. We often meet cases when competitors use methods of unfair competition. Therefore identification of audio listening devices and secret video taping to supervision rather actual service. A task of specialists from DASC detective agency is to minimize risks of business structure and as much as possible to secure your business against a secret information retrieval or to secure personal space of the private Client. We recommend to be vigilant more attentively to belong to the choice of the place of negotiations with partners in business and the personnel if questions concern a trade secret. Specialists of DASC Group in the field of information security will check placements and the car on availability of “espionage” technical means on removal of information. It is possible to use such service not only in the presence of suspicions that “listen” to you, but also in the preventive purposes.

Safety of telephone negotiations

Specialists of DASC Group in information technology field and cyber security will prepare and implement special communication links and voice transfers in real time under the SIP protocol that allows to organize telephone conversation which cannot be intercepted, and also to perform a bearing and to set the actual place from which phone call is performed. Besides, our developers will be able to write a script which will pass a voice flow via the filter, transforming its multidigital code, and then transfer him to the subscriber with whom you communicate in the form of a voice again. That excludes a possibility of interception and its interpretation between two subscribers. We will be able to rent for you virtual automatic telephone exchange abroad (for example, in Russia, Ukraine or CIS) and by means of the set client you will be able to make safe calls which will not be able to identify and bear even by law enforcement agencies. Also there is an opportunity to make a call with substitution phone numbers. But such services are available only to the Legal purposes, not connected with crimes, acts of terrorism or threats. Services of safety of telephone negotiations and information protection can be provided by corporate safety, and also for the information transfer connected with the commercial, personal purposes which are not contradicting the Law.

Cyber security

DASC Group is together with partners, forces of computing egineers and specialists in the field of cyber security and provides the service cyber security in Russia, Ukraine or CIS. This service will be actual for the medium-sized and large Companies which have a different level of integration of information projects, availability of the Internet and local business applications. Thanks to the service “cyber security of WAN/LAN” we will allow the Company to ensure safety of confidential, commercial and other information, to delete all possible vulnerabilities of a network, “spaces” in defence and operability of information channels of transfer/obtaining data.

Corporate cyber security

Specialists in the field of information and cyber security of DASC company before carrying out a complex of works will take measures of organizational character. In a work progress features of organization sizes and specifics of its activity will be surely considered what it is necessary for:

  • Perform a complex of works on the analysis of vulnerability and to identificate “weak places”;
  • Reveal borders in which there is safety management of the company or firm, object in particular;
  • Check working capacity and efficiency of the operating security system;
  • From a row possible to select and undertake counter-measures which are adequate to real threats;
  • Create the plan of common defense and implement it in practice;

Protection and benefits:

  • Protection of a network access of WAN/LAN;
  • Protection of e-mail clients;
  • Protection against “industrial espionage”;
  • Protection of channels of communication, code access and key, data encryption;
  • Protection of the Web server of the Company;
  • Access control of users to different resources;
  • Complex protection of a network of the Company that malicious applications and viruses;
  • Creation of the ciphered safe storage locations, and also channels of communication;
  • Recovery of data and information, and also operability of computers after attack or infection;
  • Recovery of remote information from computers, hard drives and different Flash – drives;
  • Carrying out investigations on the facts of attacks, infections, unloadings of information, including the qualified judicial computer technical expertize;

Demand for information protection in modern society

Today it is heavy to provide the Company which would not use information resources (IT assets) in the worker processes. Many companies have own resources, both the Internet resources, and local programs for storage, exchange and transfer of commercial and other data. Influence on such information resources for the purpose of taking information, introduction to nonserviceability, destruction of system or data – can lead to harmful effects for the Company. Thanks to skills of IT specialists, by implementation of the latest technologies of creation, monitoring, service and recovery after attack allows to guarantee success and high performance of information systems to our Clients. Also IT safety as service can be useful also for private Clients, in the form of prevention of the facts of hacking of accounting records with electronic correspondence (letters) in different e-mail clients and social networks.