Affiliates or the affiliated Companies (the affiliated enterprises) are the physical persons and legal entities capable to exert impact on activity of the Companies performing business and business activities. DASC detective agency sets extent of communication of the Companies among themselves and extent of influence of certain persons on activity of the Companies. Holds events for establishment of a direct or mediocre affiliation, interdependence and communication between subjects. Besides, search of company or personal assets within the Russia, Ukraine, or CIS is possible on means of this service of private investigators from DASC detective agency. Different search of personal material property (assets) in all countries. Therefore assets investigations service from DASC is very useful for your security.

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Assets and property investigations

Possession of specific property is the obvious characteristic of any legal entity as which the real estate and motor transport, securities and assets placed on accounts in an official type or in the latent form in the form of the offshore can act. Search of assets is equally actual as for physical, and legal entities in the plane of possession and interest in the matter. The persons and the companies acting as investors and creditors physical and legal persons whom the debt was at the moment formed can show interest in identification of assets. At the same time in one case identification of assets is made for the purpose of money recovery, in another acts as the guarantor for stability and reliability of the partner company, providing the additional information.

Identification of assets

Identification of assets can represent the multi-level detective process presented in the form of the detective combinations made in the international format. Search of assets can be caused by liquidation of the company, arrest of its property, theft of assets in a willow of securities. Search of assets is often provided by a complex of practical and analytical actions which analysts make together with detectives. Quite often accounts and attributes of banks where funds with the subsequent analysis of their target orientation were transferred it is possible to find resorting to the help of specialists in cyber technologies. Search of assets means also identification of the third parties who took part in withdrawal of funds, participation in schemes and technology of concealment of the income which is subject to disclosure as a result of implementation of private investigations in this direction.

Who affiliates the Company?

Analysts of DASC detective agency have an opportunity to hold events for the purpose of obtaining information on the Companies which manage and have an opportunity to influence managements separate persons, and also other Companies for the clients. Define extent of influence, including mediocre, for example through related communications or other dependence. Assets investigations (identifying affiliates) – can be test security actions to be considered as a method of decrease (minimization) and management of entrepreneurial risks, studying of the identity of the affiliate or compliance of the provided information on the Company. Besides, in cases of matters of argument on damages recoveries, service search of affiliates, can be very timely as thanks to it is possible to learn on what parts of the capital, the property and assets can be calculated at the beginning of legal procedure against the Company or certain persons.
Direct affiliation of persons
Criteria of direct affiliation of Company and person:

  • Availability of part of the capital (founder, shareholder);
  • Holds executive position (the director, the CEO, the chief accountant);
  • As a part of governing body (board member, member of the supervisory board, managing director of fund);

Direct affiliations by legal entities
Criteria of direct affiliation of Company and legal entity:

  • Participant of group of companies (affiliated enterprises, branches);
  • Founders – legal entities and the enterprises founded;

Mediocre affiliations
Income and financial affiliation of the Company (the most difficult case to identificate):

  • Through family and related communications;
  • Different methods of contractual cooperation and outsourcing;

Thanks to opportunities of private detectives and financial analysts of DASC Group there is a possibility of carrying out actions for establishment and search of assets and affiliates in Russia, Ukraine or CIS in flesh to a mediocre affiliation and the hidden beneficiaries. This service is executed as separate security service of detective agency DASC.