DASC detective agency will perform verifications of various documents (identity documents, for example passports, foreign passports, tax deeds, car driver licenses, residence permits, certificates, diplomas and other documents) on authenticity. Private detectives will perform verification of the documents of any format issued worldwide including Russia, Ukraine or CIS countries. Upon the demand of the Client, in case of suspicions about authenticity of any document, private detectives will make check quickly, and elicit the fact of non compliance document. We will receive the official answer from the body which allegedly issued such forgery document or the form. Private investigators from DASC detective agency offer services to test documents authenticity as one-time, so on a permanent basis.

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Types of verification of documents authenticity
Check can be performed by different methods which are defined by private detectives independently:

  • According to the register of the issued documents, or the register of the cancelled documents (stolen, lost, invalid). Such check is performed on a series and a document number by check of reality, the fact of issue and relevance of this document, and also compliance of the indicator of the document to the person who shows it;
  • Practical spot checks of issue of the document, by communication with administration regarding issue of such document to that person that provides it;
  • By carrying out examination of documents, regarding a method of production of forgery documents. By carrying out criminalistic examinations, for example technical expertizes of documents, or chemical examinations it is possible to set how this document is made whether any changes were made to it.

Survey of documents

Any shown document is an object of survey regarding legitimacy and authenticity. Check can reveal counterfeit of the original document which differs in essence, on partial and complete. During a complete forgery of all forms of the documents there is a production of the form which can have a multipage appearance and records in it, a photo, prints and various seals. Partial forgery of the original document consists in drawing necessary records, seals, changes of a picture. At the same time swindlers actively practice application of chemical reactants thanks to which it is possible to decolour the available strains, to delete the available hand-written information. Sometimes in passports and documents similar to them only single sheets are subject to replacement while other quite corresponds to the sample set by the law.

Expert methods

Verification of documents by specialists and experts of DASC detective agency means the full analysis of all degrees of protection and verification of the commonly accepted forms with forms of the passports, certificates, military IDs and other documents which are actively used by the person in the course of life activity. It is analyzed as a form and the size of stamps and seals, and their maintenance. Hand-written information, and also an essence of information stated in the document in the form of dates, data on a registration or the statement, other events gives in to check. In certain cases swindlers use intended damage of documents for smaller visibility of extent of counterfeit, spilling ink on pages or contaminating them for the purpose of concealment of small, but important parts. Documents authenticicty test can be faled by different factors. Low-quality forms can not have special water marks, images, ornament, the necessary clearness or distinguish quality of the applied paper. Flat printing which is inherent to a serigraphy or electrography, the offset duplicator or hectography will be recognized in the original by experts and will help to distinguish the original from counterfeit.

Forged seals and stamps

Separate category of forged products are prints, seals and stamps. Swindlers apply the drawn seals or made standard cliches which have the shortcomings allowing experts of DASC detective agency to reveal the smallest criteria and subtleties, at first sight at all imperceptible to the ordinary person.

Who uses forgery documents?

This service of DASC detective agency can be useful to both people and Companies. Thanks to our services of testing documents from Russia, Ukraine or CIS authenticity it is possible to avoid harmful effects and to understand that the person providing this document has intention on deception:

  • Marriage swindler or cohabitation;
  • As the person who is getting a job;
  • As the swindler who is going to carry out unfair transaction;
  • As the person testimonial of the false fact (in fact that testifies or confirms the document);
  • For the different reasons, connected with checks of directors, shareholders, founders and other affiliates;
  • At the transactions connected with crediting or leaving of documents as inclinations, guarantees;

Check of VAT identification codes, articles of incorporation, certificates of birth

We can examine counterfeit VAT identification codes, articles of incorporation, certificates of birth is possible across all territory of Russia, Ukraine and CIS.

  • Check according to the register of individual tax numbers and their compliance of the personality;
  • Check according to the register of the invalid and lost passports;
  • Check of documents of title physical and legal entities on business or property;
  • Examination of documents (passports, foreign passports, VAT codes) on the fact of forgery and handicraft work;
  • Verification of certificates of birth in Registry offices, verification of archive statements.

Besides, according to some registers we have an opportunity to carry out analytics and selection, creating databases for convenient further work in the form of local registers. Experience and high qualification of DASC experts will become on guards of safety of our Clients who certain will be able to avoid the negative effects connected with forgery and their use in practice thanks to mutually beneficial cooperation with DASC detective agency.