DASC detective agency suggests accomplishment of various orders on the conditions of complete confidentiality in Russia, Ukraine or CIS. It can be organization of events, negotiations, representation of interests, meeting of persons and their transfer, obtaining and cargo delivery, photo/video fixation of events and objects, receipt of documents, implementation of operational combinations, etc. The area of confidential orders is extensive. A condition of their accomplishment is legality of the state where assignments are carried out. DASC detective agency can be entrusted for any tasks, our private detectives will successfully and fully execute them and give full report to the Client.

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Authorized representative for different tasks.

Private detectives carry out confidential orders of Clients of any degree of complexity in Russia, Ukraine or CIS. Our specialists have high skills of negotiation and are ready to act as authorized representatives on various questions in business, family or household. Besides, they have a work experience in law enforcement and other state bodies, are familiar with specifics of their activities. What orders are required in a confidentiality vector? The main and most widespread confidential orders are:

  • Receipts of data on the question of the Client interest;
  • Search and visit of relatives, friends, acquaintances;
  • Representation of interests of the Client with power of attorney;
  • Visit of the organizations or individuals with an order;
  • Negotiations of various questions;
  • Mediation in acquisition, payment, sending expensive goods;
  • Receipts of documents, work in archives and registry offices;
  • Meeting of persons and freights at the railway station, the airport or pointed delivery;
  • Organization of a transfer and accommodation of visitors of persons;
  • Photography and video fixing of immovable objects, people, events, goods before purchase, etc.;
  • Check of the actual location of people and Companies at specified addresses;
  • Sampling of DNA and organization of examinations;
  • Checking phone calls with substitution numbers veiled under the acquaintances (who are written down in the contacts directory of a cellular phone).

Particularities of confidential orders.

Sensitivity of the requests and purposes pursued by Clients, sometimes allows to resolve issues of personal and private nature in family household or corporate spheres only by applying services of private detectives of the DASC agency. Confidential approach provides preserving a secrecy of the Customer’s appeal. For accomplishment of the specific order the linear or multi-level model of actions in which several specialists of the DASC agency will be involved can be required. Process of execution of orders can consist of one or several services which execution implies a certain priority of events.

Importance of your task and the order – importance for the detective.

It should be noted that in DASC detective agency we consider importance and relevancy of the order. We are involving experts in need of carrying out serious affairs somehow connected with finance, property, infringing on private interests of specific Customers. However, our detectives will be able to carry out an extensive complex of works which can include search of the family members who a lost log ago, clarification of different circumstances, search of the necessary statements and documents, arrangement of meetings and negotiations. Search of documents by confidential orders can be connected with need of their apostilization. In some cases the initiator can not manage to arrive to negotiation process or not to have desire to accept in it personal participation on personal circumstances. At the same time detectives are competent lawyers who had been working in law enforcement agencies for a long time and are able to offer services in representation of interests of the Client on the basis of power of attorney.

Only legality limits the list of tasks

Thanks to confidential orders it is possible to receive data on important questions except for those situations which get under a taboo of our agency – we work only in legal plane of purposes and methods of their accomplishment. If you are having difficulties of sensitive nature, appeal to our detectives for consultation. Professional advice and check of initial data are free in our agency. Soon after assessment of all factors and circumstances detectives will offer legal solution of problems which can be used as scenario for confidential order.

Confidentiality – above all!

DASC detective agency (only one specialist of the agency (private detective), will be responsible for confidentiality of the order. In certain cases, at the request of the Client during accomplishment of its confidential order specialist of private detective agency can use closed channels of voice communication.